Site specific installation


A big scale model (1:8) of the centre tower from the camp of “Frøslev”. On the windows of the room transparent foil is fitted with a printed panorama view from the main tower of Frøslev.  When the audience looks through the windows the scene of the camp is getting mixed with the actual view of the city of Copenhagen. And is by there combining the view of the original camptower with the view from the tower at Knippelsbro. One of the most iconic towers in Copenhagen situated on the border between the centre (mainland) of the city and Christianshavn (island).

An installation based on the panoptic view of the centre tower at Frøslevlejeren prison camp. The Danish internment camp (1944) is structured and planed after principles of the panopticon. The Danish camp was built with inspiration from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany, which has served as foundation for several other Nazi camps.