Photo book / Art book
ltd. 100 copies


Memories of the watchtowers is part of “Architecture of Control” and is the first in a series of publications that comes out of a collaboration between Architecture of Control and Rumlig Orientering.

The publication is based on the analogue photo archive of Architecture of Control. An collection that is created over time. These photos not merely presented as images, but as objects, and therefore shown both front sides and back sides of the photos in two seperate books.

The photos tell something about a moment in time of the specific existing tower. Photographed as memory for the future, as object in a moment of history. Nowadays photos have become intangible digital images that exist out of pixels with hardly any reference to time, if you compare it to the old analogue photos that have stamps and stickers and comments written on them. Digital photos are constantly editable and will not be available on most of the digital hardware if they are stored to long. The way analogue photo’s are developed tells something about the techniques used at that certain time or the condition of the old paper of the old photograph tells something about the age of the photo and it’s motif.
In this context the analogue photo’s become a metaphor of the way surveillance changed from tangible watchtowers (photo’s as object) to invisible mechanisms of control (photos as pixels), which we are surrounded by today.