Joram Raaijmakers (NL)
Initiator / Curator / Design / Research

Asmus Lauridsen (DK)
Graphic design / Research

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Joram Raaijmakers


Exhibition: A STATE OF EMERGENCY , Bureau Europa, Maastricht (NL)


Exhibition: MEMORIES OF THE WATCHTOWERS part of “Making School”, Studio Makkink & Bey and Dirk Osinga (do|ob), Shenzhen (CN) OCT Gallery


“Uninvited” Intervention : THE AGONY OF APPROPRIATION, Het Nieuwe Instituut/Nieuwe Tuin, Rotterdam (NL)

Duo Exhibition: Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Booth 56, Rotterdam (NL)


Exhibition: N 55 40.485 E 12 35.220, Knippels Bro/Kulturtårnet, Copenhagen (DK)

Exhibition: N 51 54 51.4 E 4 26 15.4, Foundation Mesh, Rotterdam (NL)

Exhibition: OUT OF ORDER, in the context and part of “Making School”, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL)

Exhibition:  N 51 39 56.7, E 5 15 32.2 ,Memorial Centre Kamp Vught, Vught (NL)

Book: MEMORIES OF THE WATCHTOWERS, Rumlig Orientering, Copenhagen/Rotterdam (DK/NL)

Media: A COLLECTION OF MODELS, mentioned in “The Archive as Utopic Environment”,


Media: ARCHITECTURE OF CONTROL, mentioned in Lexicon of Design Research in “Modelling” (Models as part of Design Research),



Exhibition: A COLLECTION OF MODELS, Salon del Mobile, Self Unself, Milano (IT)

Exhibition: OUT OF ORDER, DUO exhibition, Boxtel (NL)

Exhibition: LOOKING FURTHER, Local Heroes, curated by Jules van de Langeberg, Boxtel (NL)

Publication: A COLLECTION OF MODELS, Design Academy Graduation Catalog, DAE

Publication: LOOK & OUTLOOK, Public Space Magazine, City as attraction