Coordinates: N 35 10.952, E 33 20.168

2000-2019 - Steel / Metal - Cyprus - Turkey - Border

This watchtower is placed at the United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus. It is a demilitarised zone, patrolled by the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP). The zone was established in 1964 and extended in 1974 after the cease fire of 16 August 1974, following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and de facto partition of the island into the area controlled by the Republic of Cyprus (southern Cyprus save for the British Sovereign Base Areas) and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the North. This zone, also known as the Green Line stretches for 180 kilometres (112 miles) from Paralimni in the east to Kato Pyrgos in the west, where a separate section surrounds Kokkina. It cuts through the centre of Nicosia, separating the city into southern and northern sections. In total, it spans an area of 346 square kilometres, varying in width from less than 20 metres to more than 7 kilometres.

The line is also referred to as the Attila Line, named after the Turkish code-name for the 1974 military intervention: Operation Atilla. Turkish forces built a barrier on the zone’s northern side, consisting mainly of barbed-wire fencing, concrete wall segments, watchtowers, anti-tank ditches, and minefields.